Terms & conditions

  • Type of Vehicle:
    Passengers have full responsibility to select the vehicle type that will accommodate the number of passengers in the group as well as their luggage.
  • Prices:
    All prices quoted are specified based on the understanding that the passengers will be prepared to travel at the selected time of booking.
  • Phone Bookings:
    When a booking is taken over the phone, attention to detail is our priority so that booking accuracy is upheld. Recording of telephone bookings may be done for verification as well as for training purposes.
    EA Transfer may not be held liable for incorrect information that may be provided by a third party.
  • Booking Confirmations:
    All bookings, whether initiated by telephone or online, will be confirmed via email to the email address the passenger has provided. The email will include a confirmation number.
  • Payments:
    Either of the following options may be used for payment:
    1. The driver may be paid in cash that is secured by a credit or debit card other than Amex. Your credit or debit card details are taken at the time of booking in order to secure the booking and your driver will use those details to validate the booking.
    2. A passenger may use a debit or credit card to prepay the booking. We don't charge any credit card fee for making payment please check with your bank for international payment.
  • Preventing Fraud:
    Security cameras have been randomly installed in our vehicles in order to protect the safety of both our passengers and our drivers.
    In addition, when services have been booked online with a debit or credit card, the card will be verified and additional identification may be required to be presented to the driver by the passengers along with the debit or credit card for validation.
  • Waiting Time Charges:
    Flight delays will not cause a passenger to incur waiting time charges. However, only 20 minutes of free waiting time is allowed from the actual landing or docking time for all pickups from cruise ports or airports. If there is additional waiting time, it will be charged to the passengers at 40p per minute with a minimum of £2.50.
    Passengers being picked up from the hotel, office, home or other venue will not be charged for the first ten minutes of waiting time. After ten minutes from the time of the booking a 40p per minute charge will be added to the quoted fare, with a minimum charge of £2.50
  • Additional Passengers and Luggage:
    If you wish to add additional passengers and their luggage to your car after the booking has been made, you may receive permission from EA Transfer to add them to your car as long as they do not exceed the number of passengers that the ordered vehicle is rated for.
  • Additional Pick-ups and Drop-offs:
    A per mile charge will be added for additional pick-ups and drop-offs with a minimum of £5.00 being charged for each change from the original booking.
  • Cancellation of Booking:
    Cancellation of the booking must be with a minimum 12 hours advance notice.
  • Missed Flights:
    As soon as a passenger realizes he or she has missed the flight, that information must be transmitted to us so that we can inform the driver not to pick up the passenger at the airport. If it was a pre-paid booking, bank charges in the amount of £6.00 will be deducted from the total and the balance refunded. However, if the passenger decides to make the trip on a later flight and simply wants to change the booking to the new time, there will be no additional charge.
  • No Show:
    If a person books a vehicle with us and fails to meet the driver at the pickup time, it is considered a no-show. This is the case whether the passenger was to be picked up at a hotel, home, office, or other private address.
    Wrong date or wrong time bookings are considered to be no-show.
    When a passenger has booked an airport pickup, the driver will wait up to one and one-half hours from the time the flight landed. If the passenger doesn't meet the driver within this time frame or does not contact us to let us know their current status, it is considered to be a no-show.
    Bookings made either by telephone or online that were intended to be on a cash basis with the driver have been secured by a debit or credit card and the card will be charged if a no-show occurs.
    Bookings that have been pre-paid by debit or credit card will not receive a refund if the passenger is a no-show.
  • Routes:
    The route to the specified destination will be determined by the driver based on the time, amount of traffic, road work or closures, and any side trips that are requested by the passengers.
  • Liabilities:
    Traffic delays, bad weather conditions, and closed roads will not constitute any liability on the part of the company.
  • Special Fares:
    Seasonal periods mean that there is a limited number of drivers available. On December 24th, 25th, 26th and 31st as well as on January 1st, our fares will be 50% higher than our standard fares because of driver availability.